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Duncan McDaniel Studio 

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a goal of promoting an awareness of place using light, color, sculptural design elements, and playful interaction. After Graduating from SCAD in 2006 I embarked on a creative journey through the exploration of my own personal aesthetic and how it spontaneously influences my interpretation of the world around me. Ranging from oil paintings, drawings, public art, and site specific installations my process covers a wide range of techniques. Though these multiple avenues I am always searching for the better artist within myself. This open ended journey always leads me somewhere new and uncharted with a plethora of images to show for along the way.


Apart from making art, I work as a freelance art installer. Since 2007 this industry has brought me to work in museums, beautiful homes, and outdoor spaces all while dealing with very interesting and exciting works of art and people. Working on locations in Mexico, England, Australia, and the United States have introduced me to a great variety of memorable experiences. My wife and I met while installing a light based art exhibit at Cheekwood. Locally, I contract my services with the Frist Center, Cheekwood, the Parthenon, and The Nashville International Airport.



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